Nursing care to “curative” care

Nursing care to “curative” care 1

Nursing care to “curative” care 2


There are many universities that have institutes to research dementia, but unfortunately none of them conduct the study with the goal of “curing” dementia.
They only take pathological approaches focusing on “prevention” and “nursing care”.
I take up physiology, more specifically microcirculation, to tackle dementia, aiming to offer “curative care” that will contribute to tertiary prevention.
I believe this is the only way for doctors and researchers around the world to deal with dementia.
Microcirculation is fluidity in capillaries, which affect every single cell of human body.
This circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients while collecting waste materials, must be improved and recovered to “cure” dementia.
My study includes herbal and fungal medicine, and especially I have researched reishi, Ganoderma lucidum, for more than 30 years.
Reishi is reported to have efficacy to produce and increase three major substances that is highly responsible for promoting blood flow: 2,3-DPG, NO, and GSH-Px.
These substances help microcirculation regain its strength, which removes amyloid beta and recovers bloodstream in the brain (we have clinical data).
By improving the quality of reishi fungus and refining our processing method, we succeeded to produce a product containing reishi extracts to ameliorate dementia symptoms.
The product was confirmed to show its efficacy in 4 months from the beginning of administration.
On the other hand, we must admit that dementia is now difficult to be cured only by improving microcirculation.
Modern dementia is accompanied by depression symptoms, and sometimes even experts can hardly determine if they indicate depression or dementia.
What is clear is that those who have declined cognitive functions are likely to suffer depression, and those who have depression symptoms are more likely to develop dementia.
That is why I produced another product, which contains extracts of sword-leaf dogbane, Apocynum venetum, to control noradrenaline while promoting serotonin and dopamine to alleviate depression symptoms (the product is patented in Japan, supported by our data).
We finally succeeded in ameliorating depression symptoms.
It means that we are now ready to tackle modern dementia concurrently using these two products.
Powered by these assets, we planned to launch a project called Zero Dementia Community.
This is my mission.
Currently, the most famous dementia care facility is in the Netherlands.
It is a whole village enclosed with a fence that provides various facilities necessary for daily life, allowing residents to enjoy their life without losing their dignity.
Some countries follow this approach.
Although it is enclosed, the village seems to be wonderful place for people with dementia to live in freedom.
However, the cost is far from affordable price (about $5,500 per month, initial cost excluded), and residents are supposed to live there until the end.
We will materialize “curative care” and establish a unique facility to allow residents to go back home soon.
To achieve this concept, we are planning to purchase a golf course and divert it to a facility where residents can recover their health in 4 months to come back to their own homes.
If you would like to support our project, we would greatly appreciate your cooperation.
Nursing care to curative care, for a bright future!

December 2023
Prof. Masao Mori, Chairman of Dementia Improved Support Association of Japan



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Nursing care to “curative” care japan 2


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