The official name of dog dementia is called “ cognitive malfunction syndrome “. Like human life span extends and it becomes aging society, dogs and cats also extend life span by developing animal medicine or improvement of pet foods. Longevity is wonderful, but on the other hand the possibility of becoming dementia is high.


​Pets become dementia ?!

Like human being, dogs also become aging. It appears in “ physical aging “ such as losing weight and increasing grey hairs or becoming white in the eyes, or “ aging of the action “ such as slow movements, walking is not smooth or bumping into things or sleeping more.


It is a natural phenomenon that happens to healthy dogs but it may be better know pet dementia in earlier to prepare for the time that “ No kidding, my beloved dog!! “ that cerebral function declines by aging.



Dementia of old dogs were started to study around 20 years ago, and it became known in general around 10 years ago.

Dogs easily to be dementia are Japanese dogs such as Turf dog, Akita, and Kai Ken and so on. Western dogs such as Golden retriever, Chihuahua, and miniature dachshunds are very few to be dementia.


The symptom of dog’s dementia is similar to human’s Alzheimer’s dementia, it outbreaks at the age of average 11 years old ( earlier 7 ~ 8 years old ) and it increases rapidly after the age of 13. It is not so many like dogs, but it occurs dementia in cats above the age of 15.


Symptoms are :

l go into a narrow space and cannot come out.

l At night, keep barking in a monotonous voice ( crying at night )

l turning the same place winding around ( wandering, turning )

l does not show interests to other dogs. Does not react to call. ( spiritless, indifference )

l eat abnormally, but does not diarrhea and does not become fat. ( abnormal appetite )

l does not recognize the owner, and does not react to the call

l sleep all day around the clock ( days and nights being reversed )

l many failures in toilet. Cannot do what they are used to do. ( cannot do the taught manners )

l Suddenly bite with anger. Become aggressive. ( great emotional ups and downs. )

12. For prevention or symptom improvement, it is important to do the followings.

l Improvement of rearing environment ( secure enough space and safe scaffold )

l Enough nutritional management and regular meal and exercises ( including training and play )

l Have communication such as talking, fondling

l Provide stimulus ( make them listen to the music. burn aromatherapy oils, change the course of walking, etc. )



When diagnosed as dementia, treatment at animal hospital; it may be improved the symptom by administering DHA ( docosahexaenoic acid ) or EPA ( eicosapentaenoic acid ).


DHA or EPA smooth blood circulation and prevent from arteriosclerosis or activate brain neuron. It is said that they raise judgment or concentration power and it leads to prevent or improve dementia. Coenzyme Q10 raises immune strength and lowers causative agent of aging.


Autumn in Japan, fish in autumn, Pacific saury has a lot of DHA or EPA. Effective methods for prevention, improvement of dementia are the same for human and pets. Let’s do dementia care positively with affection, by knowing the right knowledge and support, helping each other.

​Pets become dementia ?!


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