Meterotropic disease – It takes time to recover from exhaustion in autumn of the elderly

Recently it becomes clear that temperature, atmospheric pressure and other atmospheric phenomena influence human health.
It is necessary to be cautious autumn exhaustion this time heading winter.
Autumn exhaustion means that bad conditions such as autonomic nerve disturbance, bad conditions of anorexia, malaise by mid summer environment, life habit continues to autumn. Main causes are thought that internal organs and bodies get cold by taking cold in the heat wave or being in air-conditioning for long hours.


There are many elderly who hate air-conditioning, bodies burden by the heat of summer, they get tired of daily living. On the other hand, because they stay in the air-conditioning for a long time to prevent the heat stroke, they get tired from air conditioners. or get ill health.

In case of the elderly, because of lowering both physical fitness and immune strength, it is difficult to adjust the radical environmental changes, it takes time to recover the previous conditions, it should be very careful about that.


This year, many places in Japan were hit by intense heat, there might be many who care heat stroke measures.

On the other hand, it is expected that the numbers of the elderly who have ill health because of autumn exhaustion will increase.

People live to adjust from lower temperature in the morning to high temperature in the noon.

Because of the changes in the weather in the autumn which lower the temperature in the noon, it may happen easily in asthmatic attack or cough, BPSD ( behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia ) by physical rhythm gets confused.


Alzheimer dementia who has early waking because of sleep disorder cause asthmatic attack or coughs ( a sputum-involved ), it becomes clear that frequency of asthmatic attack or cough is higher in sunny days where high pressure passes than rainy days.


Care givers confirm minimum and maximum temperature for the following day by weather forecast, it is necessary to keep warm in the room temperature especially the difference between maximum and minimum temperature is small. When you go outside, please prepare stole and get over this season.


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