The reports of temporal change analysis for social burden of dementia ( Toho University, Mr. Shimpei Hanaoka and others )

In order to do both adequate resource distribution and quality improvement policies for dementia in Japan, Mr. Shimpei Hanaoka and others in Toho University carried out temporal change analysis for social burden of dementia.

Mr. Shimpei Hanaoka and others carried out the temporal change analysis of social burden of dementia : We introduce the report on International Journal for Quality in Healthcare online version.

Purpose : In order to carry out the policies for resource distribution and quality improvement of dementia in Japan.

Approach method : Observational study of total population basis from 2002 to 2014

Settings : Used seven data sets from Japanese official statistics

Analytical method : the inclusion cost method of disorder

Outcome variables : Care without cost allocation by medical service, nursing-care service, and family etc. including death cost, affection cost.

Main results : changes from 2002 to 2014

– ​The number of dementia patients : 420,000 -> 1,050,000 / increase 2.5 times.

​​- The patients number in families or communities : increase 3.22 times

– The numbers of patients in nursing facilities : increase 1.42 times

– Social burden : 1.84 ~ 2.42 trillion yen -> 3.79 ~ 5.51 trillion yen / increase 2.06 ~ 2.27 times

– Total cost : the ratio of care of no cost allocation, 36.6 ~ 51.9% -> 37.7 ~ 57.2% increase

– the ratio of main care givers are older than 70 years old : 27.6% -> 37.6% increase

As the changes in social burden of dementia, it is reported that “ The average cost per patient decreased from 4,370,000 ~ 5,770,000yen to 3,600,000 ~5,240,000 yen because the transition from nursing facilities to families or communities, care for the elderly by the elderly, promotion of early dementia diagnosis. In order to maintain the safety of patients an quality of care, it is essential to keep cost allocation of care givers not to exceed their tolerance level. “

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