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〇 International mail delivery of KOUKA

〇 Link between the Alzheimer’s and periodontal disease

〇 Rutin G, an antiviral supplement

〇 100 things by Dr. Hasegawa, the developer of HDS-R

〇 International mail delivery of KOUKA

Japan Post announced to resume the operation of EMS to US, having been suspended due to spread of COVID-19, in June with increased charge.
The service is already back in service to Europe and Asia.

International mail delivery of KOUKA EMS

Every overseas order for one package costs the total amount of 42,000JPY including the product’s price (39,000JPY) and EMS charge (3,000JPY).

We accept PayPal payment.

Don’t forget to check on the custom duty for your country before ordering.
The custom duty, if any, will be charged to the recipient.

〇 Link between the Alzheimer’s and periodontal disease

A venture company Cortexyme published an interesting study.

Researchers drew a sweeping conclusion that a periodontal pathogen can cause the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in their report titled Porphyromonas gingivalis in Alzheimer’s disease brains: Evidence for disease causation and treatment with small-molecule inhibitors.

The report shows porphyromonas gingivalis penetrates to brain.

Actually, the bacterium is found not only in AD brains but also in normal brains by PCR test.

However, detection value in an AD brain is one digit higher.

About 70% of adults are estimated to be affected with a periodontal disease including mild ones, and those with problematic cases are assessed to account for 10%.

The incidence rate booms in those in their 40s.

There is no big difference between the sexes, but males in their prime tend to have more risk factors such as intemperance, obesity, diabetes or smoking, as well as having less visit to dentist.

That’s why they are likely to have serious cases.

Periodontal disease is an infection caused by the bacterium, which can trigger aspiration pneumonitis by reaching trachea or lung after being awallowed into one’s body with saliva or food, or bacterial endocarditis by forming focus of infection in a cardiac valve after penetrating into the blood.

It can also be responsible for cardiac angina, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerosis and other dysfunctions.

Periodontal disease needs to be regarded as an infection not only causing bad breath or dentary bone’s damage that can lead to loss of a tooth, but also affecting another part of your entire body.

〇 Rutin G, an antiviral supplement

As of 19:00 in 3th, the number of infections and death toll are reaching 153 million and 3.204 million respectively.

Fortunately vaccination is increasing, but it doesn’t necessarily mean elimination of the risk.

Rather, it can induce carelessness that can be a cause of further spread.

We offer Rutin G, a supplement containing rutin, a citrus flavonoid glycoside, and Reishi extracts at a price of 80,000JPY.

Last year, a grandmother of an elementary school boy affected with COVID-19 came to our scientific advisor Prof. Mori.

Prof. Mori recommended Rutin G, and soon after the boy started to take it his fever went down, and he recovered in three days.

His grandmother were so happy to see her boy got well.

If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

〇 100 things by Dr. Hasegawa, the developer of HDS-R

At home and abroad, Dr. Kazuo Hasegawa, now 92, has enormously contributed to establishment of the groundwork for diagnosis of dementia.
In 2017, at the age of 88, he disclosed his disease.

After spending many years studying dementia, Dr. Hasegawa himself finally developed the disease.
He decided to make it public, because he wanted to let people know that anybody can have dementia.

And also, he wanted to make society more open to the disease.

Hoping to make it easier for those living with dementia to talk about the disease openly, he published a book titled I’m Enjoying my Spiritual Life with Dementia.


In the book Dr. Hasegawa shares 100 things he found.

11. Living with dementia is inconvenient, but never a misery.

12. All men must die. I think dementia can ease a fear for death in preparation for one’s last.

13. I have dementia, but I’ll never stop the effort to share my knowledge and experience to help people.

14. With or without dementia, everyone is a unique individual to be respected. Keep it in mind when you communicate with us.

15. The disease is progressing, but I am living with my heart enriched. My sensitivity has been refined.

16. Having dementia never means loss of pride as a person.

17. Now I realized how a person feel uncertain or is confused living with dementia.

18. Dementia is a distinct disorder common in elderly people. It’s never shameful or degrading.

19. Early diagnosis of dementia enables you to think about your future by yourself and with your family.

20. Dementia is diagnosed when memory impairment, cognitive dysfunctions and BPSD are identified. Make sure to distinguish it from disturbance of consciousness or depression.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support to our activities.

We greatly appreciate medical professionals in the world for their dedicated work against the treats of COVID19.

Our association aims to bring more smiles in families, by supporting cognitive function’s recovery.

For the recovery, normalizing microcirculation is highly efficacious.

We found dosing proper amount of reishi, a gift of nature, is essential for better microcirculation.

KOUKA is a processed food product of Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi), patented in Japan as a composition of matter to ameliorate cognitive dysfunctions.

Almost 100% of KOUKA users who took it for 3 months experienced alleviation of cognitive dysfunctions and life style diseases.

We strongly believe cognitive functions can be recovered and there is no need to give up even after the onset of dementia.

With this conviction, our association has conducted physiological studies for more understanding of the nature of human body, as well as offering a wide range of awareness campaigns.

We are always open to share what we found with many people as possible.

We deliver further information at the official website.

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