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Today’s theme is Caution for summer thrombosis

We send this letter to those who subscribes.

Our association pursues the mission to achieve the dementia-free world.

As part of the operation, we deliver this newsletter on the 4th of each month for delivering valuable information.

We offer sincere prayer for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives with COVID-19 spreading across the world, and our deepest sympathy to those infected.

We wish them quick recovery, as well as hoping that everyone in difficulties get life back to normal soon.

Now we hope to contribute to avoiding the elderly people’s risk for death from the virus.

At the same time, the organization continues helping people get peaceful days back by supporting cognitive function’s recovery.

We stay active on our mission.


〇 Notes on overseas order on KOUKA

〇 World COVID-19 infection exceeded 24 million

〇 Note the following information

1. COVID -19 Precautions against heatstroke caused by wearing a mask

2. Caution for summer thrombosis

〇 Dressing warm in summer ?

〇Notes on overseas order of KOUKA

Our product KOUKA, a supplement patented as composition of matter to ameliorate cognitive dysfunctions, has been enormously well-received by many users around the world.

However, now it is difficult to dispatch the items to overseas customers due to COVID-19.

The items are usually delivered via EMS, which is currently unavailable in many countries and regions as they suspended to accept international mails.

Also, transportation routes are almost lost because of a significant number of cancellation or reduction of flights from Japan.

Please be advised that every overseas customer needs to check your own country’s situation to make sure if you can receive EMS, before ordering.

If you want another shipping method, find possible option and check the fee required, and let us know the details as below via email.

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone number

4. Email address

5. Recipient’s age, current status and other details that should be informed

6. Number of order (a package weighs about 600g)

7. Name of carrier

8. Charge for delivery

We charge the total amount including the product’s price (39,000JPY) and the delivery charge (declared in above 8) via PayPal.

The item will be dispatched upon confirmation of the payment.

Customers will be notified via email if we find something wrong on operation or delivery charge of designated carriers.

We will notify customers if anything wrong happens on operation or delivery charge of designated carriers.

Customers also need to check on the custom duty for your country before ordering.

Don’t forget to make sure if you can receive the item in your area, as some countries prohibit the import of supplements.

〇World COVID-19 infection exceeded 24 million

According to Johns Hopkins University, world COVID-19 infection and death toll reached 26,033,729 and 863,057 respectively, as of 3 am on September 3 in Japan time.

Countries with the largest number of infections:

∇The US (6,114,406)

∇Brazil (3,997,865)

∇India (3,853,406)

∇Russia (1,001,965)

∇Peru (657,129)

Countries with the largest fatalities:

∇The US (185,744)

∇Brazil (123,780)

∇India (67,376)

∇Mexico (65,816)

∇The UK (41,602)


Caution for summer thrombosis

〇 Note the following information

1. COVID -19 Precautions against heatstroke caused by wearing a mask

2. Caution for summer thrombosis

Because of the fierce and persistent heat, the risk for heatstroke is increasing this summer.

In recent years, the world temperature has been rising due to climate variation.

Climate change in recent years has raised the temperature around the world.

Over 40 degrees Celsius was observed in Japan and many other places in Europe, Americas and Africa.

Face masks against the virus was found to interfere with respiration and increase heart or breathing rate by 10%.

It elevates the risk for heatstroke, combined with physical exercise or soaring temperature.

Heatstroke is caused by extreme heat that inhibits regulation of body temperature.

It disrupts the balance of water and salt and triggers physical disorders.

Dominant symptoms includes vertigo, blackout and vomiting.

Similar symptoms occur in “summer clot”, another dangerous disease of the season.

It is the clots that constrict blood flow, caused by higher blood viscosity as a result of dehydration.

Insufficient blood flow is responsible for various disorders.

Among them, transient cerebral ischemic attack is quite tricky as it is confusingly similar to heatstroke.

Mistreatment can trigger cerebral infarct.

It is very important to take care not to miss the difference to heatstroke.

Especially, those who are 35 or more needs to be careful about this kind of attack, as the number of the patients explodes from that age.

According to the demographic statistics by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in 2009, leading cause of death in Japan was cancers (30.1%), followed by myocardial infarct or other cardiac disorders (15.8%), and cerebral infarct or other cerebrovascular diseases (10.7%).

This means nearly 30% of the people died from clogged or punctured vessels.

The symptoms of transient cerebral ischemic attack are caused by insufficient blood flow in a part of the brain.

Typically, numbness in a limb, loss of eyesight or other impairment occurs in either side of the body.

Those symptoms disappears soon without leaving any after effects, as blood flow usually backs to normal within 24 hours, mostly in a few minutes to tens of minutes.

This feature mislead most people into thinking it is just heatstroke, as they actually feel better after taking a short rest.

Then, they believe they are completely recovered without knowing the truth.

However, the truth is that the clot just happened to be flowed.


The risk for cerebral infarct is still not cleared.

Without proper treatment, 15 to 20% of these people develop the infarct within 3 month (Source: National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center Hospital).

The risk for transient cerebral ischemic attack and cerebral infarct is raised by cloggy vessels.

Those with hypertension, hyperlipidemia or diabetes need pay more attention.

For prevention, regulate your daily life and take water frequently.

When you have a stroke, go to hospital to have proper treatment as soon as possible.

Our supplement KOUKA, containing reishi extracts, will serve as another prevention by its beneficial effect in facilitating blood flow.

〇 Dressing warm in summer ?

Some people with dementia wants to wear a lot of clothes in summer.

This is attributed to some factors such as dysfunctions in sensing temperature or regulating body heat, or cognitive decline.

Basically, people with dementia easily feel insecure about themselves or their environment.

The feel of insecurity makes them think they need to worm their bodies for health.

Actually, some say they feel safe wearing heavy clothes.

They know they lost right sense of temperature as a result of impairment in autonomic functions or decline in blood flow.

There are also people living with constant anxiety on their existence.


Some of them overdress just to relieve the psychological anxiety.

In any case, you can’t undress them forcibly if you don’t want to brake the relationship.

Just tell them gently, “you are heavily dressed, but are you cold?”

When you see their sweat, you can ask them, “you look sweaty, do you want to take it off?”

If they answer no, lower the temperature of the air conditioner and make sure they take sufficient water and salt.

Respect their feeling and try to build peaceful relationship patiently, then they will change slowly and begin to listen to you.

Or, here’s a little trick: put away winter clothes together with them before summer comes, and secretly move the clothes to other place.

Remember, it is a very basic thing to keep a person with dementia away from something that can lead to danger, just as keeping a baby away from fears such as accidental ingestion.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support to our activities.

We greatly appreciate medical professionals in the world for their dedicated work against the treats of COVID19.

Our association aims to bring more smiles in families, by supporting cognitive function’s recovery.

One of the most effective ways for that is to normalize microcirculation.

We found dosing proper amount of reishi, a gift of nature, is essential for better microcirculation.

KOUKA is a processed food product of Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi), patented in Japan as a composition of matter to ameliorate cognitive dysfunctions.

Almost 100% of KOUKA users who took it for 3 months experienced alleviation of cognitive dysfunctions and life style diseases.

We strongly believe cognitive functions can be recovered and there is no need to give up even after the onset of dementia.

With this conviction, the association has conduct physiological studies for more understanding of the nature of human body, as well as offering a wide range of awareness campaigns.

We are always open to share what we found with many people as possible.

We deliver further information at the official website, so please check it out. 

We distribute valuable information on the 4th of each month to the world, hoping for reducing sadness of dementia.
We welcome your feedback.

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