Today’s Theme is ” COVID-19’s risk for old people “

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We offer sincere prayer for the repose of the souls of those who lost their lives with COVID-19 spreading across the world, and our deepest sympathy to those infected.

We wish them quick recovery, as well as hoping that everyone in difficulties get life back to normal soon.

We stay active on our mission hoping to contribute to avoiding the elderly’s risk for death from the virus by supporting cognitive functions’ recovery to help them get peaceful days back.

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〇 Current state on global COVID-19 infection

〇 COVID-19’s risk for old people

〇 Get through the hard time with Kouka, and make a change to new normal

〇 Clinical trial of KOUKA (recruitment of participants will be restarted after resume of international shipping)

〇 Current state on global COVID-19 infection

The global death toll from COVID-19 aggregated by Johns Hopkins CSSE exceeded 380 thousand in 3 PM June 3 at Japan time.

The highest death toll was 106181 in the United States, 39452 in Britain, 33530 in Italy, 31199 in Brazil, 28943 in France and 27127 in Spain.

The number of infections across the world exceeded 6.38 million.
The breakdown by country shows that 1831821 people are infected in the US, 555383 in Brazil, 423186 in Russia, 279392 in the UK, 239932 in Spain and 233515 in Italy.
According to WHO’s survey (, critical regions of the pandemic seem to be moving to the Americas, east of the eastern Mediterranean including Egypt, India and Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Although the virus is said to be vulnerable to high temperature and humidity, it is clearly spreading to hotter regions, perhaps because of increased infectability obtained through mutations.

On the other hand, huge epidemic has not occurred in Western pacific region including eastern Asia and Oceania, after the first impact in Wuhan.

〇 COVID-19’s risk for old people

The pandemic poses double risks to aged people. Firstly, they have higher risk for infection, severe symptoms or death.

Secondly, they are unlikely to adapt successfully to preventative lifestyle such as social distancing.

Guidelines for social distancing are unrealistic and almost impracticable, or potentially unfavorable for prevention or treatment of a disease, especially for those living with dementia, Alzheimer’s or significantly decreased physical mobility.

Aged people over 80 are likely to get severe symptoms once infected, as most of them have chronic diseases such as diabetes, high pressure and so on.

The symptoms in aged people varies a lot, which makes it difficult for doctors or caregivers to find the infection

For example, in addition to typical COVID-19 symptoms like fever, aged people potentially have confusion, delirium, sleepiness, anorexia and so on.

These symptoms suggest possibilities of the virus reaching the brain, kidney, digestive system or other important organs.

The virus meet less fierce resistance when invading an aged person’s body, which is likely to worsen the symptoms.

A typical case for the elderly is blood clots in the brain or kidney.

As skin diseases in toe, apoplexy or other blood clots are increasing lately, it is suggested that the virus might affect to vascular system as well as respiratory system.

This should be a huge risk for aged people, whose vessels presumably have damages or constrictions.

Besides the biological factors as above, aged people are exposed to risky environment, where they often have contact with potentially infected people such as caregivers or other medical professionals.

 COVID-19’s risk for old people

〇 Get through the hard time with KOUKA

and make a change to new normal

KOUKA contains reishi extract as the main ingredient, which improves microcirculation and strengthen vessels.

We have many feedbacks from those whose blood sugar or pressure was regulated back to almost normal, besides improvement of cognitive functions.

On the other hand, here’s a story about a person living in a care facility, whose dementia symptoms were worsened.

Because the caregivers were too busy and exhausted to help dosing Kouka, after no visitors including family members were allowed for COVID-19 infection control.

Overwhelmed by loneliness along with the cognitive decline, this person became uneasy and offensive, and finally could not have a conversation after terribly frightened by caregivers’ masks and other protective gears, having no idea on social distancing.

Difficulties are everywhere also in many homes, as people are now forced to live in stressful situation for infection prevention both for themselves and the loved ones they care for.

Dr. Minoru Kamata, the honorary director of the Suwa Central Hospital, says building stronger immune system is crucial for fighting against dementia and the virus,

advocating following five habits that he practices:

– Keeping the body warm

– Taking light exercise

– Being exposed to sunlight in the morning

– Having a laugh

– Eating mushrooms or other fibrous food

A best option for the mushrooms is KOUKA.

We recommend to enjoy the new lifestyle taking proper amount of KOUKA, which would contribute to cognitive recovery and infectious prevention.

Please refer to the three major works on Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), the main ingredient of KOUKA.

PDF 3Major-Actions-of-Reishi-Mushroom

As you can see, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) has an effect of improving the effect of the vascular system, which increases the mortality rate due to infection with a new coronavirus.

In addition to improving cognitive function, KOUKA has also been found to enhance autoimmunity by regulating blood circulation in line with the physiology of the human body.

〇 Clinical trial of KOUKA (recruitment of participants will be restarted after resume of international shipping)

KOUKA is a processed food product of Ganoderma Lucidum (reishi), patented in Japan as a composition of matter to ameliorate cognitive dysfunctions.

Almost 100% of KOUKA users who took it for 3 months experienced alleviation of cognitive dysfunctions and life style diseases.

Currently, our 3 months trial program is in the face of difficulty due to the import limit for infection control in many countries, causing return of the packages.

We decided to suspend the program for overseas applicants for some time.

The program will be restarted after international shipping issues are cleared.

Recruitment will be also resumed and conducted until reaching the capacity, after confirming all the applications already submitted.

Thank you very much for your understanding and support to our activities.

The world is fighting against the COVID-19

We greatly appreciate medical professionals for their dedicated work in such a tough situation.

We continue our mission aiming to see more dementia free communities in the world.

Normalization of microcirculation is important for improving cognitive function.
To do so, it is essential to take an appropriate amount of Ganoderma lucidum, a blessing of nature.

KOUKA (Ganoderma lucidum) helps restore cognitive function.


We want as many people as possible to know this information.
Tragedy such as homicide at home and the death of elderly people should be avoided.

One particular approach is providing a reishi supplement for continual ingestion.

And, ameliorate dementia’s peripheral symptoms and stop microcirculation’s decline responsible for dementia and lifestyle-related diseases.

Some customers who had peripheral symptoms as violent behaviors are reported to become gentle and peaceful after taking Kouka.

Another person, who had been suffering from depression, began to go out and perform farm chores.
And still another recovered well enough to go overseas to meet an old friend.

We also have a very positive feedback from a person whose mother had been suffering from auditory and visual hallucinations, saying that those symptoms disappeared.
Now she and her family have peaceful days.

Smiles in families are our joy and drive.

We deliver further information at the official website, so please check it out.

We distribute valuable information on the 4th of each month to the world for reducing suffer of dementia. We welcome your feedback.

You can purchase the high quality reishi supplement Kouka effective for improving cognitive functions at DIS SHOP.

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