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【The contents of today’s mail magazine】

〇 A reporter from the Pulitzer Center of the USA visited Our Association for an interview.
〇 For improvement of symptoms of dementia in summer
〇 “ICHIKAI model” promoted by Our Association


〇 A reporter from the Pulitzer Center of the USA visited Our Association for an interview.

The reporter from the Pulitzer Center in the United States visited Our Association for an interview and inspection.

The reporter visited National Research Society Restoration-of-Health Medicine : Chairman of the board by Professor Masao Mori, the academic research advisor of our institute.
Professor Mori gave a lecture on Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and microcirculation that was both professional and easy to understand.
She learned that Reishi plays a major role in improving cognitive function, and expressed her excitement many times with the phrase “Exciting!”.

In addition, our 4-day schedule was very fulfilling.
・Visit to Tsumagoi Farm where Reishi is cultivated
・Courtesy call on Mr. Irino (mayor of Ichikai-machi, Tochigi,) who is promoting “Zero Dementia Comminity” project with Our Association
・Interview with Mr. Takahashi of Sakae Pharmacy, Chairman of Itabashi-ku Pharmacists Association and Member of Tokyo Pharmacists Association

The report will be distributed worldwide via the Internet in October.
We are delighted that Our Association has served a young and hopeful journalist.


〇 For improvement of symptoms of dementia in summer

There is a difficult season for elderly people. Summer is a dangerous season physically.
Dementia suffering people do not mind the “ heat “, but do not ? and can not ? handle it well.
One must especially mindful if they live by themselves with no family members to care for them, or few connections with society in general.
Even in an environment that doesn’t necessarily feel hot, there may occurrences of dehydration without being noticed.
This is because they do not recognize or work on making adjustments to one’s body temperature.

One of the features of dementia is that symptoms usually “ progress slowly “, but heatstroke seems to actually accelerate dementia.
The speed has been characterized as more like rolling a stone from a cliff rather than down a steep road.
Sufferers from a smaller incidence of dementia may advance to a more serious condition in a matter of days.
Heat stroke will result in serious brain damage, as such, countermeasures should be prepared well in advance.

With the installation of an air conditioner or other cooling methods, it is important to instruct the dementia sufferer on its operations for either use in the day or night.
Of course, automatic settings will save electricity costs, and take away some of the concerns related to appropriate operations.

Some dementia patients do not drink liquid due to concern of incontinence.
Please encourage them to take liquid by saying “ You’ll get younger by drinking fluids “ and give them milk or fruit juice.

If you live far away, ask care givers to provide them with a constant and readily available supply and have them an ample stock in a refrigerator nearby.
Put in place a system of immediate hydration if necessary.

Around 50% of elderly people who are taken to the hospital due to hyperthermia are there because they didn’t turn on the air-conditioning ?
even though they have a unit available at their home.

The reason that they don’t turn it on is that they hurt from arthralgia or rheumatism.
Other possible reasons include as the progress in their dementia, they don’t feel that they are hot or can’t remember how to turn on the air conditioner.

A helpful plan to avoid hypertherium for light dementia suffers is to put a note on the wall that if the temperature rises to over 30 degree Centigrade,
someone should turn on the air-conditioning; obvious placement of the thermometer would be very helpful.

If the patient doesn’t know how to turn on the air-conditioning unit, then it should be set automatically to turn on at this pre-determined temperature.

When using an air-conditioner, some elderly dementia sufferers put turn the settings to “ cool “ in the winter or “ hot “ in the summer.
They either don’t know how to use the remote control; or, they are not sensitive to feeling change in temperature.
Again it is very dangerous to experience hyperthermia if they turn up the heat in the summer.
If necessary, one may consider setting the adjustment to pre-determined settings and now allow adjustments to be made without supervision.

In order to prevent hyperthermia or dehydration in summer, there are ways to prepare foods that have a high concentration of water.
For example, regular rice is made into a thin rice porridge.
Or, use more water in the preparation of rice.
For each meal, including soup or miso-soup is one of the adding more fluids to the diet.

Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum), the raw material of Koka, contains a lot of minerals by enzymatic decomposition.

According to researchers on the nutritional physiology and component disorders of crops, minerals such as silicon, boron, magnesium, and potassium in crops and foods are decreasing, not only making crops unhealthy but also causing lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, dementia, osteogenesis imperfecta, and metabolic syndrome.
Not only dementia, it is a secret to maintain health to take in a balanced diet.
Most Reishi destroys minerals when it is extracted, but Sennoiri Reishi, the main component of the flower, is rich in minerals due to its patented enzymatic degradation.


〇 “ICHIKAI model” promoted by Our Association

In Japan, a shocking fact has emerged that homicide in the elderly occurs every two weeks.
(After checking NHK news manuscripts across the country, collecting trial records and investigating cases over the past six years,)

The best way to eliminate these sad events is to cure the dementia itself.

The mass media discusses the euthanasia issue and the enhancement of social security.
However, in order for no one to be unhappy, there is nothing but being able to live an independent life even if they are old or have lost some strength or health.

The Ichikai-model is a regional revitalization project promoted by Our Association.

Residents of Ichikai-machi use natural plants (crude drug) to grow Reishi, which contains ingredients to improve cognitive dysfunction.
Based on the research of Ganoderma lucidum of the National Research Society Restoration-of-Health Medicine and the research technology of the Institute of Microcirculation,
we provide various best processing techniques and make supplements that are easy to take in Reishi.
By taking it in your daily life as you eat, you can be healthy both physically and mentally.

In addition, the establishment of an industry called Reishi farm as a new industry in Ichikai-machi,
which provides employment and profits, and the creation of a town without dementia is called the Ichikai-model.

Some people with dementia who showed violent behaviors as peripheral symptoms are reported to become gentle and peace after taking Kouka.
Another person, who had been suffering from depression, began to go out and perform farm chores, and still another recovered well enough to go overseas to meet an old friend.

We also have a very positive feedback from a person whose mother had been suffering from auditory and visual hallucinations, saying that those symptoms disappeared and now she and her family have happier days.

Smiles in families are our joy and drive.


The aim for 2019 of our association is to increase “dementia zero town by cognitive function improvement”.

To improve cognitive function, normalizing microcirculation is very effective and we believe adequate intake of natural ingredient Reishi is essential for that.
We would like to convey this information to reach many people as possible, strongly wishing to stop dementia-related tragedies like murder within patient’s family.

We will deliver more useful information at our official website.
Thank you for your corporation.

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