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〇 Cognitive Function’s Improvement Achieved by Reishi Normalizing Microcirculation

〇 Physiology, a Study of Life Phenomena

〇 Our Initiative for Ichikai Method


[Cognitive Function’s Improvement Achieved by Reishi Normalizing Microcirculation]

We have been working on building a zero dementia community collaborating with Ichikai, Tochigi, a town with a population of 12,000, harnessing the power of reishi along with fruits of researches by Prof. Masao Mori who has been committed to his endeavor in physiology and microcirculation for more than 50 years.

Reishi is known as the king of crude drugs for its benefit to keep human body healthy by normalizing microcirculation and making better bloodstream. Reishi contributes to revitalizing stagnated blood flow in microcirculation which accounts for 99% of all the blood vessels (main arteries and veins account for only 1%).

In “Shennong Bencaojing (The Classic of Herbal Medicine)”, a Chinese book on medicinal plants written in the era from the Later Han to the Three Kingdoms, reishi falls into the “upper herbs” and described as nontoxic and possible to be dosed for long periods to nourish life (The book classifies 365 crude drugs into 3 categories: “upper herbs”, which are stimulating, harmless and safe even in long-term use, “middle herbs”, which are therapeutic but potentially toxic and “low herbs”, which have strong effects but are often poisonous and able to be dosed only for short terms). Latest clinical reports also suggest reishi is safe when it is given orally in adequate amount and manners.

Prof. Mori’s research outcomes gained from his 50 plus years of work evolved into various patents for methods of producing, growing, processing or charcoaling the fungus, along with the patented composition of matter of substances contained in Kouka produced in collaboration with us. Finally, all these works have borne fruit of the tremendous supplement with positive effects on improving cognitive functions.

[Physiology, a Study of Life Phenomena]

Physiology is a study on mechanisms of life phenomena in various organisms. According to the type of investigated organism, it is divided into a wide range of sub-disciplines, such as plant physiology, animal physiology, cell physiology or organ physiology, and even molecular biology are possibly taken into the study.

Among the varieties, hominal physiology focuses on human body. It also has a lot of specific fields, such as endocrine physiology focusing on hormones, cell physiology investigating various phenomena in cells, neurophysiology specialized in nerves, electrophysiology measuring electrical responses of nerves, cerebrophysiology analyzing cerebrum functions, oral physiology researching teeth and oral cavity and so on.

All the living organisms takes a certain matters in and generate necessary substances with in the bodies to compose themselves, while degrading the substances to generate necessary energy and excreting unnecessary products. This cycle and other functions such as growing or propagation compose the whole vital activity called life phenomena.

In an unicellular organism, all phenomena occur in the only cell, while a multicellular organism composed of a wide range of cells performs total phenomena as one existence as a result of the sharing of functions by those cells.

In a human body, bloodstream plays a key role in intake of oxygen or nutrition and excreting waste products.
Reishi makes the stream smoother and activates microcirculation in a whole body.

This effect helps cognitive functions and health recover.

[Our Initiative for Ichikai Method]

In Japan, many communities aim to build a society where people with dementia can live safely.
Our approach, Ichikai method, especially focuses on cognitive function’s recovery.
Along with the recovery which can have the people with dementia regain reasons for living or proud of being valuable to others, we perform enlightenment activities on the disease for families and communities to establish inclusive mechanism.

From the very beginning of the association, we’ve been pursuing sustainable social mechanism by striving financial independence based on cultivation, production and sales of reishi and the supplement by the workers including those who have dementia, as well as opening dementia cafes for people’s interaction, under the slogan of building zero dementia community with the high quality reishi supplement.

Some people with dementia who showed violent behaviors as peripheral symptoms are reported to become gentle and peace after taking Kouka.
Another person, who had been suffering from depression, began to go out and perform farm chores, and still another recovered well enough to go overseas to meet an old friend.

We also have a very positive feedback from a person whose mother had been suffering from auditory and visual hallucinations, saying that those symptoms disappeared and now she and her family have happier days.

Smiles in families are our joy and drive.

The aim for 2019 of our association is to increase “dementia zero town by cognitive function improvement”.

To improve cognitive function, normalizing microcirculation is very effective and we believe adequate intake of natural ingredient Reishi is essential for that.
We would like to convey this information to reach many people as possible, strongly wishing to stop dementia-related tragedies like murder within patient’s family.

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